by Cowards

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released February 12, 2010

Recorded by Dan Jensen at McNally Smith School and Devil's Workshop Studio.
All songs written by Cowards
Cowards was a band from 2007-2010



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Cowards Duluth

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Track Name: Hazel Eyes
They say a lost connection is never easily reforged.
(Can you reconnect with yourself?)
Can you tell me who you are and what you've found
In your endless searching and wandering.
A day-to-day lifespan can never get old
when you're constantly shifting yourself.
Everytime I fall, I pick myself up again.
You grab the heels of another and drag along.
Have you found a new home?
A new shell? A new sense of self?
You're lost.
Track Name: Culture
And so I'm leaving these pathways and communication
That sit along roads too big and too long
To walk across
When everything you write falls into wrong, and I'm done.
Maybe someday they'll see.
And We'll all see how far we've gone from home.
I am not culture's son.
If giving in means giving up I'm victimized
By a slow storm and a free sky.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
Track Name: No Builders, None
Will it all really end?
We know history and glory.
We know that we're a fucking wreck.
Still we refuse to recognize we need an asteroid.
We need to wipe the sleep from our eyes.
I've tried your patience, now give it up.
Satisfaction can delay for a while.
Clear suggestions dedicated to the head
And what killed us.
You say, "Just a screaming generation."
I say, "Still screaming satisfy."
Track Name: Solitude
I've been fed air that is breathtaking
And collapsed on an embarrassing amount of love.
(The coldest winter is starting to get to me.
I'm sorry, I need change.)
This is the underbelly, the earth,
and she's still screaming her song.
She still screams.
You keep your streets cluttered filthy,
aged, widowed, ugly.
I'm turning all sorts of new pages now.
Understanding this place and the comforts of land walked so well.
I've set aside the city stink and sweat drips gone cold.
And all the men I'll never be.
I'm watching moon skies and how true it feels.
What a beautiful kind of blue.